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Williams, Sled, Carpenter, McClellan, Shepard, Barmes, Still ;  Family History

This is My Family's History Site. The names and information within these pages are for those interested in finding out more about the family they were born into. My history and my husband's family history are represented here to draw a line in time from us to those that came before us. Notice anything misspelled or needs added let me know; OR WRONG just e-mail me I will fix it.

ASAP!!!! Listed now are all our heritage by nationality! Gayle's side;English,Dutch & Scotch Irish,Swedish,Greek; 

Ron's side adds these nationalities to our children: More Irish, Blackfoot Indian from his grandfather's side, and at the family reunion for Ruby Etta Barmes, Ron's Grandmother; German! 

Quite a melting pot. My cousin Brian Ellison can trace his grandmother's family to 1645 in Ireland! That is amazing! With the earliest date of 1609 in Germany and 1700's in the forefront of Ron's family arriving in America just as my ancestors began to find their place in American History!

Click the Anderson link and for picture of myself and sibs!

Gayle Denise Anderson Warner Williams: Webpage creator!


 Surnames: Ellison ; Hoag, Pechikos; , Anderson, Warner

COURT: Naturalizations; Superior Court, Index Ce-Fr, Linn County, Iowa 
 2600    Ellison  John  02/05/1914   Ireland   Dec Dec 4 (1909-14), 292   

 4676     Ellison  John  09/30/1918   Ireland   Pet, 9 (1917-19), 421 Dec, CertArr

[g-g-g-grandfather] John Ellison*[b1826-d-8-17-1899* ]


 Joined with Rachel Curtis b-1831-married John 7-3-1851-by Justice of the Peace here is actual entry:


ELLISON, John - CURTIS , Rachel - by A. J. Mckean, JP 3 Jul, 1851 Source:Linn County , Iowa Marriages, 1841-1855

Iowa State Census, 1895 Linn Township Linn County
                             2003 Sandra Newman Sanchez
                                 All rights reserved
Below is a list of Ellison's in 1895 Linn County IA;  don't know what relationship all of them are to us I believe the ones that aren't brothers and sisters of Charles; are aunts and uncles cousins and nieces and nephews. Got lots named the same; still have to link those relationships to our the original seven who risked life and limb to live in this America! 


W. G. Ellison 45  Linn Co IA  W   (William George)
Lucretia Jane Boone-Ellison 38  Scott Co IA  W (great grandma Nollie's stepmother-her aunt)  

Ottis L. Ellison 16  Linn Co IA  W  
Ewin J. Ellison 12  Linn Co IA  W  
Nellie P. Ellison 10  Linn Co IA  W  
Haney G. Ellison 8  Linn Co IA  W

John Ellison 70  Ireland  W  
(pictured above in about his 40's)
Rachel R. Ellison 64  Ohio  W  
J. W. Ellison 24  Linn Co IA  W  
Daisy Ellison 19  Jones Co IA  W* Nollie Candaisy Ellison- 

Joseph Ellison 36  Linn Co IA  W  
Lucy B. Ellison 25  PA  W  
Ola Ellison    Linn Co IA  W

[Conrimed infromation:John entered the US with three uncles, two sisters, later a total of seven left Ireland homeland to make the USA home. US records indicate 20 or more Ellisons in 1840's 1850's  most of which is now is verified; found on sheet from census that had John, John Jr, John III all on one sheet so I will include this after I work with it more.

Born to John and  Rachel were nine children [g-g-grandfather] Charles Ellison  b-1857 being the oldest; sibblings {verified by 1880 census Linn County IA} Joseph -b-1859 was 21 in 1880! Hulda b-1861; Minta b-1863; Nancy b-1865; Lena b-1868; John Ellison b-1871; Clara b-1873; Burtie b-1877;


Starting with Eldest Squire Boone

Squire Boone- married Sarah Morgan -Devonshire England (brother to George )

          (Squrie and Sarah had 10 children-Daniel Born in 1734)

George  (squire's brother)-Daniel's uncle)-B-1690-married Debra Howell Boone(Hezekiah's parents-

Hezekiah -B-1734-married Rebecca Freelove Boone (James' parents)

James Boone-B-1770-married Patience Terry Boone  (sanford's Parents)

Sanford Boone -B 1835-Melissa and Lucretica's father -married Rosanna Underwood Boone-

Our GG-grandfather-Charles  B-1857-married Melissa Elma Boone & Lucretia Jane Boone-Nollie Candaisy was the only offspring of Melissa, all other children were born starting 5 years after Charles married Jane.  Which makes them half siblings and cousins...kind of weird.

Great Grandmother-to Grandma-to Mom-to Us...11 generations! 

Wow that story turned out to be true!

The Greeks are next!


Lot          Surname              Given                  Age            Pub.
255b 13  Ellison         Charles (ggg-grdfth  23   pg0254b.txt
328a 9   Ellison         Charlie            1      pg0327b.txt
255b 21  Ellison         Clara              7      pg0254b.txt
328a 8   Ellison         Clarence           3      pg0327b.txt
210a 4   Ellison         Ellen A.           5      pg0208a.txt
210a 2   Ellison         Gene               12     pg0208a.txt
210a 1   Ellison         Harry              15     pg0208a.txt
255b 16  Ellison         Hulda (charles sis) 17      pg0254b.txt
328a 7   Ellison         Ioine              6      pg0327b.txt
328a 5   Ellison         James              10     pg0327b.txt
255a 11  Ellison         James              28     pg0254b.txt
255a 6   Ellison         Jane (no maiden)   23     pg0254b.txt
255a 13  Ellison         Jennnie            16     pg0254b.txt
255b 12  Ellison         John               54     pg0254b.txt
255b 20  Ellison         John               9      pg0254b.txt
255b 15  Ellison         Joseph             21     pg0254b.txt
255b 19  Ellison         Lena               12     pg0254b.txt
191b 13  Ellison         Lewis              19     pg0191b.txt
328a 4   Ellison         Martha             28     pg0327b.txt
255a 10  Ellison         Mary               52     pg0254b.txt
255b 17  Ellison         Minta (chas sister)17     pg0254b.txt
255b 18  Ellison         Nancy (chas sister)15     pg0254b.txt
209b 49  Ellison         Nancy              36     pg0208a.txt
255a 7   Ellison         Otis               1      pg0254b.txt
328a 3   Ellison         Parker             33     pg0327b.txt
255b 14  Ellison         Rachel (chas mom)  49     pg0254b.txt
210a 3   Ellison         Roy                10     pg0208a.txt
255a 12  Ellison         Ruth               24     pg0254b.txt
255a 9   Ellison         Sam                59     pg0254b.txt
209b 48  Ellison         Stewart            48     pg0208a.txt
209b 50  Ellison         Thomas             20     pg0208a.txt

255a 5         Ellison                            William                         30     pg0254b.txt

Many on this list are relatives of our Charles and Great-gram Nollie.  They are the children of Irish immigrants second and third generations born in the US. They are cousins, nieces and nephews of the uncles and brothers that arrived in the US with John. This all verified now by our cousin William Brian Ellison from Tyrone Ireland, his home isn't far from the generations that stayed in Ireland, so it was easier for him to find us looking for him. This quest is over, I am still looking for the grave site of Melissa Elma Boone Ellison, the original quest! Uncle Bill helped beyond words... without his memory our mother's history would have all but been lost.

Thank you so much Uncle Bill! There is a book published I will acquire and excerpt out the parts of our ancestors, written in 1901 ish...that explains our ancestors arrivals in Iowa, Linn County. Stewart was pivotal in that saga! Walking nearly all the way to Lynn County to the parcel of land awaiting him. Stewart was the only one that ever went back to Ireland, Brian and Bill found he had two families, one in US and one in Ireland. He died in the US.

Charles joined with Melissa Elma Boone*  on 09-09-1881 in Anamosa Linn County Iowa, she gave birth to  Nollie CanDaisy Ellison, 10-19-1882 [no obituary as of yet for Melissa Elma or g-grandma's twin!] This isn't the name we were all given on the sheet. 

Verified by census Charles* married Jane Boone* on 12-31-1882-Ron and I were married on New Years Eve! Before we knew they were married on that day!

Two months after Nollie CanDaisy Ellison was born , Lucretia Jane Boone came to help raise our Great Grandmother. Folks didn't live together unless they were married so five years after they were married  Charles and Jane began their family below:   Brothers Daniel* b-1886 d 1968, Chester, Sisters Martha, Rachel, Leoma, Lucretia; all are really half sister and brothers to Nollie CanDaisy, and cousins at the same time. Due to the aunt raising Gram Nollie. 

(picture soon of Leoma and Lucretia Great-grandma Nollies sisters)* [Mt Vernon Cemetary-IA Gen project ] g-grandma Nollie's brother Daniel and his wife Blanche are buried there also. Curtiousy  of Mom's brother Uncle Bill!  Will verify other family members soon. from Kansas, Ohio and more from Iowa!{verified by Marriage Records IAGen project via internet-scanned or transcribed from orginal records}! (Pictured below Nollie CanDaisy with her daughter Leonora Louise) Buried in Fort Calhoun Ne. next to her third husband Charles Schultz.


 CanDaisy Ellison; 

October 19, 1882-March 26, 1968

Leonora Louise July 18, 1905-1966?

Aunt Lucretia lived in a house not far from my mom in Omaha Nebraska, next door to Great grandma for a long time, then moved in when Great grandma Nollie got older and Aunt Lee had pasted away.

Great grandma Nollie joined with Herman Sanford Hoag; born to them was George Gordon, Sarah Lorenda Hoag, (my grandmother pictured below with Helen's half brother's father Williams Green Sr.), and Leonora Louise. (pictured above with her mother Nollie; my g-grandmother).

December 7-1903- DOD Nov. of 1983 I was pregnant with my oldest daughter Nancy that is also why I remember; Sarah Lorenda Hoag: [Pictured here with Uncle Fred's father he was English] joined with Greek Immigrant William George Pechikos Born in 1889; born to them was Helen Louise Pechikos,our mom! (pictured below taken Arizona, at her son Jon's home shortly before her death[Vietnam War Veteran]),

Also born to Sarah was William Fredrick Green (World War II  Veteran). picture dated wrong.

   William Fredrick Green Jr.;

Sarah Lorenda Hoag ; Grandpa Green Sr. Uncle Bills father

Helen Louise Pechikos;  pictured here and   above and here with Great Grandma Nollie CanDaisy Hoag-Ellison-Weidner-Stultz;  [Below G-Grandma Nollie's two husbands and a brother in law Ted McMann; Ted-m-Aunt Leoma.

Here is a picture of all tree of Gram Nollie's husbands two ex husbands and the one she outlived.

Below Helen Louise Pechikos Loomis  [pictured here with Richard]   Killed in World War II from what I gathered he is on the World War II Memorial Wall and is remembered for giving his life for our country; years later his veterans benefits gave mom a chance at a little better life.


 Helen Louise Pechikos, Loomis, Anderson, Warner

Below was my dad, the only one I ever remember having; Raymond Bernard Warner; he married mom when I was only seven. I remember riding in this car.

The only thing I do know is mom did love us.

 [Raymond Bernard Warner m-May 21, 1968-

Helen Louise Pechikos Loomis Anderson Warner; August 10, 1921-Feburary 15, 2003; for me she was actually gone on Valentines Day because she would not answer her phone anymore, I left many messages on her answering machine; but I actually knew she was gone before I was told. She had her way of letting me know she was in that better place. Miss you mom!

This photo was taken at Jon's house not many weeks before she passed away. I caught myself holding my face like this the other day, kind of creeped me out; but we are parts of all the people before us.

This is the story of her four lifetimes and how myself and siblings fit into her life. Each of us has a story, this is ours!

In short, that is how I got here. My siblings and our children's history will be here with as many pictures I can cram on the page. I Found the link between Jane Boone and Daniel Boone! I will insert pictures of us YOUNG! So as not to harm any ones ego! Except those that have given me permission to post current photos!

Known health issues; heart, stroke,cancers.

Anderson tab has pictures of his offspring; Although he was never in my life... I feel it important to complete the link with his parents to the Dutch and Swedish side of our ancestors. He was also Irish.I do now have 6 generations of Anderson father, grandfather, great-grandfather; His parents died in the 70's, and his mom's name threw me for a loop Ollie Ping-Ping is English not an oriental persuasion. 

Links are to my other webpages, some of the other lives I lead.

Contact is just that contact me... I  have an e-mail set up, I have a webcam if anyone else does then we can talk in real-time.

STILL FAMILY-Ron's side!

Ruby Etta Barmes: DOB born 1923, I will Correct any information or add to entered text next! I have the ancestors from the nephew just need to get it on here.


Joined with Roger Grubbs Still born 1921 exact date please.

Known health issues; blatter cancer, heart, lupus, connective tissue disorders. Thanks to the Family Reunion we now have an updates on pictures for Granny Ruby's family! I did not write on these pictures.


joined with Roger Grubbs Still (WWII veteran) born to them were: Margaret Nancy Still, Daniel Still   (Vietnam and Dessert Storm Veteran), Jeannie Still-Green (recently passed away) (Her son Jessie pictured here  His father  His brother and his wife Marilyn  and Shawn and Scotty their sons.  His brother Scotty  Off to college!

Judith Still ,(need a pic of Judy) Judy joined with Bill Dallahan and born to them was Billy Jo Dallahan separated by divorce joined with Henry Moser and born to them was, Cindy, Joseph (pictured here with his family)             Rebecca Still Dillner,    (pictured here with husband steve) 

Debra Kay Still, Kathy Still   (children's pictures pending)

Margaret Nancy Still; who joined with Ronald Wayne Williams Sr. born to them was: Ronald Wayne Williams Jr. (my husband)

 Charles Richard Williams, Melinda Jean Williams Dillner Littrell, 

 Kevin Michael Williams, Bobbi Jo Williams. (need fam pic)

Parents of Ronald Wayne Williams Sr. :

Harold Alfonzel Williams -m- Gladys Pearl Carpenter born to them were six children listed below:

Lois Elinor born  5-24-1928 (Orange County Indiana need info)

Walter Harold born 5-14-1931 Died 6-26-1978

Leona Carol  born 8-1-1934 (Died approx 1989)

Ronald Wayne born 6-26-1936 Died 1990 (grandfather to Nancy and Kerri Williams) Nancy only met him a few times he is pictured here)

Donna Sharon born 4-21-1939 (still living) Robinette

Carl Melvin born 6-27-1941 (still living; this brother married Ronald's Sr. sister)

Born to Ronald Wayne Williams Jr. & Gayle Denise Anderson Warner Williams,

Nancy Louise Williams  Nancy three days old.

(named after her grandma Margaret Nancy and her grandma (My Mother) Helen Louise and my sister Jayne Louise also my great aunt Leonora Louise;  (Also discovered  on my mother's side 4-2004, also named after my g-g-g aunt Nancy, g-g-g grandfather Charles's sister-add a  generation for my Nancy!)

Nancy is almost 30 now, hard to image, Kerri is 21!

Here is Nancy's family!

Mis-carriaged child in 1989- (lost after 6 months of pregnancy).

Kerri Rochelle Williams

 Kerri as a baby pictured here her cousin Kelly

 (named after my oldest sister Carolyn -always called her Carrie - spelled different on purpose)

Charles Richard joined with Carol _______? born to them was Nichole ________ Williams (Nichole has half siblings not listed here)

Melinda Jean - (pictured here with Kelly) next,adopted in name by her aunt Becky and uncle Steve Dillner...joined with Eddie (Paul) Wilmeth (spelling); born to them was Paul Jr. who passed on at birth. Kelly Wilmeth , Williams, Littrell. Melinda Jean joined with Brian Littrell he adopted Kelly; hence Littrell. 

Kevin Michael Williams joined with Doris DavisWilliams, born to them was Kevin Michael Williams Jr. Mary Jo was adopted by Kevin Michael. Grandchildren of Kevin Michael Sr are:


Bobbi Jo Williams Coomer joined with Christopher Scott Coomer born to them was Tiffiany M Coomer, Scott adopted Jeffery Wayne Williams who is Tiffiany's older brother. (pictures pending)

Extended family of Ronald Wayne: Danny, Jason, Billy Jo, Cindy (two kids Josh ______?, Joey (two kids picuted above.) Jack, gone but NEVER forgotten)  Carla's Children (Christopher, Tony and other sibblings pictured here)  if I left anyone out let me know! Information to be included ongoing, if you want it inserted; e-mail it or hand deliever it to my house... don't get mad just get it to me and it will be done!

Irish Flag History!


1848, the year the flag was first unfurled.

  • orange standing for Irish Protestants
  • green signifying Irish Catholics and the republican cause
  • white representing the hope for peace between them
Why Orange?


The color orange is associated with Northern Irish Protestants because of William of Orange (William III), the King of England, Scotland, and Ireland who in 1690 defeated the deposed King James II, a Roman Catholic, in the fateful Battle of the Boyne near Dublin. William III's victory secured Protestant dominance over the island, to the enormous benefit of the 17th-century colonizers of northern Ireland  the English (mainly Anglicans) and Scots (mostly Presbyterians). Sometimes called Orangemen, Protestants in Northern Ireland celebrate the anniversary of the battle each July 12th.


Early German History Ron's Grandmother's family were German.

The Germanic tribes, which probably originated from a mixture of peoples along the Baltic Sea coast, inhabited the northern part of the European continent by about 500 B.C. By 100 B.C., they had advanced into the central and southern areas of present-day Germany.

At that time, there were three major tribal groups: the eastern Germanic peoples lived along the Oder and Vistula rivers; the northern Germanic peoples inhabited the southern part of present-day Scandinavia; and the western Germanic peoples inhabited the extreme south of Jutland and the area between the North Sea and the Elbe, Rhine, and Main rivers.

US Flag Image

Located in western Montana, the Piegans, or Pikuni branch of the Blackfeet (Blackfoot) Confederacy is the southernmost group of Blackfeet (Blackfoot) Indians. The other two branches, the Siksika and the Kainah or Blood, are residents of Canada.  In Canada, the singular term "Blackfoot" is preferred, the Pikuni are always referred to in the plural "Blackfeet". The Pikuni, which means "poorly dressed", occupy a reservation of 937,838 acres straddling the border with Canada and abutting Glacier National Park. Their reservation was established in 1855.

Language: Blackfoot, or Siksika, is an Algonquian language spoken by 8000 people in southern Alberta and northern Montana. The two main dialects are called Pikanii and Siksika Blackfoot. Many children are still learning Blackfoot, but the language is currently undergoing linguistic shift, with 'Old Blackfoot' being spoken by older generations and 'New Blackfoot' being spoken by younger ones.

People: The Blackfoot Nation really consists of four distinct Blackfoot nations, who share a historical and cultural background but have separate leadership: the Siksika (which means Blackfoot), the Akainawa (also called Kainai or Bloods), the Pikanii (variously spelled Piikani, Pikani, Pikuni, Piegan, or Peigan), and the Blackfeet Nation. The first three nations are in Alberta, Canada, and the fourth is in Montana. ("Blackfeet," though the official name of this tribe, is actually a misnomer given to them by white authorities; the word is not plural in the Blackfoot language, and some Blackfoot people in Montana resist this label.)

The Blackfoot were nomadic plains hunters, traditional enemies of the Shoshone and Nez Perce. There are about 14,000 Blackfoot Indians today all told. History: The Blackfoot were a powerful buffalo-hunting society of the northern plains. At first the arrival of the Europeans pleased them, since European horses became quickly invaluable to the Blackfoot tribes. Unfortunately, things took several turns for the worse. Smallpox epidemics ravaged the Blackfoot population in the mid-1800's (there is evidence that some white settlers may have deliberately helped it along by selling infected blankets).

In 1870 American army forces, looking for Mountain Chief's band of hostile Blackfoot Indians, fell instead upon Heavy Runner's peaceable Piegan band and killed 200 of them, many of them women and children. (Mountain Chief and his people escaped across the new border into Canada.) Worse than any of this, by 1900, the white settlers had wiped out the buffalo herds. Hundreds of Blackfoot Indians starved to death, and the forced transition to sedentary life left a once-mighty nation dependent on government rations. Nevertheless, in the face of these travails the Blackfoot have not lost their culture, and the Blackfoot Indian language is one of the few indigenous languages in Canada and the United States which has a good chance for survival.

Blackfoot by Leah Bortolin and Sean McLennan April, 1995 1.0 Introduction Blackfoot is an Algonquian language spoken by about 5000 people of the Blood, Peigan, and Siksika tribes in southern Alberta and Northern Montana. It's closest sister within the Algonquian family is Cree. Geographically, Blackfoot has the most contact with English. The data was collected from Deanna Starlight, a female in her early forties who was raised on the Siksika reserve. The accent system in Blackfoot is unclear.

Mostly it seems to be stress, however at times, it seems that there are tonal qualities. The language is currently in a period of rapid change between what it's speakers classify as "Old Blackfoot" and "New Blackfoot"; dialects spoken by older and younger generations respectively. It is to this latter categorization that our informant belongs. Comparisons have drawn between the two dialects, using The Blackfoot Dictionary of Stems, Roots and Affixes by D.G. Frantz and N.J. Russell as a conservative form of Blackfoot. 2.0 Consonants There are no voiced non-sonorant consonants in Blackfoot nor are there any liquids.

Stops are not aspirated but they are released (except those marked). Length is contrastive. 3.0 Vowels Phonemically, in Blackfoot, there are only three vowels /i/, /o/, and /a/. However, an inventory of eleven tense and lax allophones of those three phonemes is evident. Vowel length is contrastive, although, with one exception illustrated below, only tense vowels have length. Vowels may also be voiceless in certain environments that will be discussed in section 5.3. Voicelessness is marked on the vowel regardless of whether it is only partial or complete voicelessness. Bibliography Campbell, George L. 1991.

Compendium of the World's Languages. New York: Routledge Press. 210-213. Frantz, D.G. 1978. Abstractness of Phonology and Blackfoot Orthography Design. In McCormack et al (eds), 307-326. Frantz, D.G. 1989. Blackfoot Dictionary of Stems, Roots, and Affixes. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Frantz, D.G. 1991. Blackfoot Grammar. Toronto: University of Toronto Press McCormack, William C., and Wurm, Stephen A. (eds.) 1978. Approaches to Language. Chicago: Mouton Publishers.


The term "Blackfeet" comes from their habit of dyeing their moccasins black. In a rare occurrence, the reservation assigned to the Blackfeet in Montana coincides with their traditional homelands, though greatly reduced in size (ENAT, 31-33).

The Blackfeet capital is in the town of Browning, which acts as the eastern gateway to Glacier National Park, affording the many visitors to the park a chance to see the Blackfeet's heritage and flag. Browning serves as home to the "Museum of the Plains Indians" (NAA, 36-43).